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What makes BNI Reading Oracle so different?

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You'll soon see when you get here what makes BNI Reading Oracle so different.

Here are just a few of the ways that BNI Reading Oracle differs from other business networking groups in Reading, Berkshire and elsewhere.


Every BNI meeting has an agenda that's rigidly adhered to. Why? Because it works.


BNI is not a drop-in club. Our success is built on the strength of the relationships between members. But you don't get to know people if you only show your face a few times a year.

When you see the same faces week-in, week-out, they're more like friends or colleagures than acquaintances. And so when someone asks you "Do you know a good builder/printer/cleaner?" you can say, without a flicker of doubt: "Yes, as it happens I do. Shall I get him to call you?"


There's an old adage in business that what gets measured gets done. Like any good business, we set targets and we measure our progress towards reaching those targets.


Every week at BNI, each and every member will stand up for 60 seconds to educate their fellow members on what they do and the kind of business they're looking for.

Why? Because they are training their members to act as their mobile sales force.


At BNI Reading Oracle we only admit one person from each profession. And no BNI member can be a member of more than one chapter. That way there's no conflict of interest and in effect by joining you are locking out your opposition from this fantastic opportunity. And we won't take just anyone - every new member application is reviewed by the Membership Committee and no one is enrolled until their references have been taken up.

BNI: The Formula for Connecting People


There's a popular misconception about business networking that it's all about selling, but networking is not about selling, it's about building relationships and at BNI we focus more on helping others than helping ourselves.

Of course, your ultimate goal will always be to make more money and develop your business. But over the decades the BNI formula for getting more business has been proved to work for literally millions of businesses worldwide. At the Reading Oracle chapter after just a year-and-a-half we've exchanged referrals worth more than half-a-million pounds.And we're just BNI beginners!

We Want You!

The more members we have in our chapter, the more successful we become.

It's a combination of simple mathematics and a resolute commitment to helping each other succeed.

This formula might not mean a lot to you if maths is not your thing...

n x (n - 1)

...but it's actually pretty important: it's the formula for the number of relationships between people in a group. And in short, it tells us that the more people we know, the better it is for business.

Business is All About Relationships

Imagine two people get together to talk business.
That's a great start, but it's only one relationship.
Now add a third person.
With three people in our group, we're really cooking because we've increased the number of people by 50% and the number of relationships from one to three, or 300%
So we add a fourth person and that's when things get really interesting.
It's only when you get four people together that you've got more relationships than you have people.
When four people know each other, that's six relationships.

Now let's imagine there are 25 people in the group and look at that formula again:

25 x (25 - 1) = 300

With 25 people, you've got 300 relationships. That's 300 opportunities for people to pass referrals. And it's got to be worth coming along to BNI once a week for a piece of that business.

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