Givers Gain:
Our approach to business networking in Reading

BNI Business Networking in Reading, Berkshire is based on the principle of Givers GainThe success of our chapter is BNI's simple motto: "Givers gain"

If I give you business, you'll want to give me business in return.

Week after week at BNI we meet the same group of friendly individuals from local businesses all with the same common goal - to succeed in business by helping one another and by growing our chapter. The more people in our chapter committed to that shared goal, the more successful we all become.

It works like this:

A friend tells you she's thinking of having an extension built.

You say: "I know a reliable builder. Shall I get him to give you a call?"

Your neighbour tells you his daughter is engaged.

You say: "I know a few people who you ought to talk to. If you are thinking about a photographer, I know a very good one. Can I give her your number?"

And why do you do this? Why do you go to the trouble of telling these people about fellow BNI members you've met through your business networking in Reading?

Simple: givers gain.

Once you pass on those referrals, the people you've recommended are going to be very grateful to you. In fact, they're probably going to bend over backwards to find new business for you in return.

And because they know you, they won't have any qualms about recommending you just as vigorously as you have recommended them.

BNI founder Ivan Misner sums it up with the formula V+C=P: Visibility plus Credibility equals Profitibility.

Visibility is just getting out there, telling the world about what you can do. But when you add in some Credibility, it means people trust what you say. And that leads inevitably to Profitability.