4,000 People You Would Have Met If You Visited Us in February

Get an introduction to more than 4,000 people with one visit to BNI


When you visit a business networking meeting at BNI Reading Oracle, you are presenting your business to thousands of people.

Not because we hold our meetings at Madejski Stadium - we don't - but because every single person who attends the meeting with you has their own complex network of colleagues, associates, clients, family, friends and social contacts.

At a BNI business networking meeting, you shouldn't try to promote yourself to the people in the room. Instead, educate those people so that they can spread the word about your business to the thousands who won't be there that day.

If you make a good impression, you could find yourself and your business recommended to any one of those thousands of individuals.


We were delighted to welcome a wide variety of visitors last month representing businesses in Reading that all have one thing in common - they want to grow in 2014.

Looking at the Linked profiles above, you'll find four people with more than 500 connections each. And most of the others, as well-known local business networkers, have connections numbering in the hundreds.

But it's not a numbers game, of course.

In many cases, just one quality referral will pay for a year's membership of BNI.

So to get an intriduction to thousands of local businesses, why not give BNI Reading Oracle a try? Just come along to one meeting and you may be very surprised at the doors that can open when you get to know this very influential group of Reading business men and women.

Would you like to join us next week?

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