5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Visit BNI Reading Oracle

5 Reasons Not to Come to BNI Reading Oracle Business Networking Berkshire

BNI is not for everyone. So here are five great reasons why you should not come to a business networking meeting with BNI Reading Oracle.

1. You've got too much business already

If you can't handle any more work, then BNI is not for you. BNI is geared up to help businesses grow.

2. Your products or services are not good value for money

You won't last long in BNI if you're not good at your job. BNI members make a commitment to uphold high standards of work and to honour the prices we quote.

3. You are an expert in all aspects of running a business

BNI provides a range of free or very reasonably-priced training all year round to help you get better at running as well as growing your business. But if you know it all, that won't interest you.

4. You already know everyone worth knowing

Every visitor to a BNI Reading Oracle business networking lunch meeting represents a potential new customer or business partner - not just for members, but for all the other visitors. If you don't want to make valuable new contacts, BNI is not for you. At BNI we welcome business people of all types, from one-man-bands to representatives from global enterprises. If they want to meet people who do business in Reading and the surrounding area then they're welcome.

5. You aren't interested in meeting new suppliers

Maybe all your existing suppliers - catering to cleaning, print to PR, legal to financial - are loyal and trusted friends that you could never consider replacing. That's great. But should you ever need a quote from a local business with a string of testimonials as long as your arm, you know where to come.

Alternatively, this might sound a little more like you:

1. You could cope with a little more work

2. You offer good value and maintain high standards of work

3. You strive to improve yourself and your business

4. You recognise that your next handshake just might lead you to your biggest ever client

5. You believe in supporting other local Reading businesses by buying locally when it makes sense to do so

So, if you're a little more open-minded about the power of business networking in Reading and you like spending time with people who are similarly optimistic about it, then we'd like to welcome you to the only weekly business networking meeting in Central Reading.

Click here to book your place and we'll see you soon.