60 Seconds Spotlight: Mr Butt

Mr Butt - Part One of Two - by Mittch Boyd at Big Yellow Self StorageMr Butt - Part Two of Two - by Mittch Boyd at Big Yellow Self Storage

Mr Butt by Mittch Boyd

Every week, BNI members get a chance to stand up and educate fellow members about aspects of their business by telling stories about how they help their customers.

This week, Mittch Boyd from Big Yellow Sel-Storage in Reading is in the spotlight.

Her 60 seconds introduced the new, free document shredding service offered by Big Yellow and here's a transcript of what she had to say...


My name is Mittch Boyd and I am here representing Big Yellow Self Storage.

My company has many years' worth of customer files which stored in a secure barn on my family property.

I was speaking with a prospective customer, a solicitor, the other day. I shall call him Mr Butt. He enquired online and, as is our practice, I called him back to find out a little more. I got Mr Butt talking and he explained that his company had many years' worth of customer files which were currently stored in a secure barn on his family property.

"But," he said, "My parents are moving and I need to securely store this archive."

"Not a problem, Mr Butt. We have storage here from the size of a large cupboard upwards."

"But," Mr Butt said. "The size we need may change over time as we have to store more or less paperwork."

"Upsizing or downsizing happens all the time," I assured him. "You can move between rooms really easily."

"But," – can you see where I've got his name from? – "We need to come in once a year or so and get rid of a load of papers."

"Well," said I excitedly. "We've just introduced a FREE OF CHARGE service for our customers. We can offer secure shredding of documents, and even provide a certificate of destruction if required."

"But," said Mr Butt sadly. "I don't suppose you can get everything in place for us to move in at the weekend?"

"Of course I can, Mr Butt. This is Mittch from Big Yellow you're dealing with. I put the Customer at the Heart of My Business."



Cartoon strip created by Jon Ewing using Bitstrips