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For the last few weeks, we've been asking visitors to complete a very short online survey after their visit to let us know what they thought.

We want to give the best possible experience to visitors to show them that we're committed to improving and serving the needs of local businesses.

The First 11

It's early days, but so far we've asked 21 people to take part and 11 of those have been kind enough to respond.

Of those eleven, the feedback has been largely positive.

9 out of 11 said they were impressed by the meeting structure and a majority were impressed by the welcome, the venue, the people and the networking.

All 11 or the people rated their overall experience Good or Excellent and nobody has so far answered No to the question "Would you like to come back?"


How We're Improving


After the first nine responses, only two people had reported that they were impressed by the speakers. We recognised that this was something we needed to improve. In particular, members have been working hard on their 60 second presentations to improve that figure.

Feedback like this is the nudge we need to make sure we come along every week armed with something interesting, original and, more to the point, impressive to say, so that people leave here thinking "That is very enterprising and professional group of people and I want to be a part of it".

Since the first batch of survey results, we've only had two more survey responses, but both of those people reported that they were impressed with the speakers, doubling the total.

We're moving in the right direction and we'll keep working to improve.


Visitors have been impressed with the venue but so far, fewer than half have reported that they were impressed with the food. So we'll be taking further feedback on this subject from visitors and discussing our options with the management at Loch Fyne.

Some of our visitors aren't keen on things like squid and shellfish, so in future we'll do our best to advise visitors of the lunch menu in advance to give them a chance to choose an alternative to the fish dish.

We don't come to BNI meetings to eat – we come to do business. But food is inevitably an important factor at a lunch meeting and we want everything about our meetings to be impressive, with no excuses.

Your Comments

It's still quite a small sample, so we can't learn too much from it, but here are a few of the comments:

"The only reason for not returning is because I'm busy with work. It was a great event and I'm glad I attended."

"Little to improve, per se. More members of course would be even better."

"It was a little hectic there that day with other BNI training so less opportunity to talk to other members I did not know."

"I enjoyed the structure and the friendly interaction with everyone. Thank you for the invitation!"

"Keep up the good work, l have told few friends about BNI"

And finally: "An outstanding venue and group of people."



Online survey technology provided by SurveyMonkey. If you've visited BNI Reading Oracle for one of our lunchtime business networking meetings then we'd be very grateful if you'd complete the survey.

BNI Reading Oracle Visitor Survey


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This survey is still open, so if you have been along to one of our recent meetings, please take a few moments to answer the questions to help us make the meetings better for everyone.
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