Business is Fyne in Reading

L-R: Interior Designer Emma Dweck, Meredith Holborn of PrinterOn, Paul Sampson from Green Parlour

L-R: Business consultant Steve Wells, solicitor Clare Franklin and Tim Wale of Tutts Clump Cider

L-R: Mike Glynn from MG Retail Consulting and hypnotherapist Russ Ayres

We're loving the delicious fresh seafood at Loch Fyne

£10 for lunch at Loch Fyne with some of Reading's best-connected networkers? A bargain.

Thanks to everyone who's been to visit us so far this summer


BNI Reading Oracle's weekly business networking meetings have moved to Loch Fyne and we're loving it.

We'd like to say thanks to some of the diverse and exciting business networkers who have visited us in our first few meetings at one of Reading's top dining destinations.

Russ Ayres
07795 199 383
Russ's target market is very easy to identify - anyone who's still "killing themselves with cigarettes", as he puts it. He told us can help them to stop smoking for good in only two hours using hypnotherapy.

Mark Butler
Tutor Doctor
0118 449 2191
Mark's company provides tutors for children and adults who need a liottle extra help with their studies - the Tutor Doctor system promises a perfect match between student and tutor and Mark emphasises that it's not just for high-achievers.

Emma Dweck
Dweck Designs
07796 272 386
Emma is an interior designer serving the West Berkshire area who is seeking introductions to architects and estate agents. She can handle everything you need for a complete domestic reurbishment and will even project manage the process from beginning to end.

Mike Glynn
01256 614850
Mike's company works with organisations in the healthcare retail sector who need strategic help to make their ventures more profitable.

Tim Howell
Valley Pest Solutions
0118 948 5819
Pest controller Tim came to tell us that his services are up to two-thirds cheaper than Rentokill and with 15 years of experience, he can provide a service that is second to none.

Mira Mahoney
Seishin Shiatsu Japanese Bodywork Therapy
07791 203159
Mira would like to be introduced to medium-sizes businesses who need their staff to be more productive. She can provide a stress-reliving massage service in the office as an employee benefit, easing back pain and headaches and other ailments that can lead to reduced efficiency and absenteeism.

Sian Perham
Sian Perham Consultancy
01256 855035
Sian talked to us about improving employee relations through outsourcing and she is is looking for introductions to people responsible for HR in companies with 5 to 45 employees.

Catherine Rogers
Catherine Bookkeeping
With 18 years' experience, Catherine is a bookkeeper in Reading looking for introdctions to small businesses who need a steady hand to keep on top of their invoices and receipts.

Nick Rose
Energy Procurement
0845 337 3838
Part of the Solution Consultants Group, Nick's business is saving you a small fortune on your energy bills. In many cases, his company can save you thousands without even changing your supplier. Think it sounds too good to be true? What have you got to lose?

Goncalo Vicente
Metro Bank
07791 773 070
Goncarlo came to tell us what makes Metro Bank different to all the other High Street banks - not just the fact that it's open seven days a week from 8 till 8, but the fact that, unlike other bankers who hide behind a nationwide call centre, his direct mobile number is on his business card.

Tim Wale
Tutts Clump Cider
0118 974 4649
Tim came along to tells us about his award-winning Tutts Clump Cider, brewed using 100% apple juice, which is available in six Wiatrose stores, selected National Trust shops and direct from the farm in Bradfield, West Berkshire.

Michael Wellborn
Act-On Software
0118 9515680
Michael works for an award-winning US company which has developed a software system for marketing automation which allows sales teams to save time and money on wasted calls by helping companies to understand when their clients are "ready to buy" so they can always make their sales calls with perfect timing.

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