This chair is worth £370 per week

A seat at BNI Reading Oracle is worth an average of £370 per week to your business

You may have heard it said that BNI is the most successful organisation of its kind in the world.

But you might be wondering how we measure that success.

And the answer is, we measure these:

Thanks Your For the Business cards from BNI Reading Oracle weekly business networking meetings in Berkshire


They're known as "Thank you for the Business" cards and every time a referral between members of a chapter results in an invoice being issued, the recipient of the referral fills in a card and drops it into a box at a BNI meeting. The numbers on those cards are totted up every week and submitted to BNI head office so that figures for chapter growth can be published every month.

It's an old adage in business that what gets measured gets done.

Within a BNI chapter, we set targets and we measure our progress towards achieving those targets.

There's no outside pressure from BNI head office to get more referrals and make more money. We don't need any encouragement, because all of us come to BNI for one thing - to grow our businesses.

BNI Berkshire - Reading business networking infographic