Get the Most from the Meeting Pt.3

Five reasons to invite visitors

5 Reasons to Invite Visitors to BNI


1. Inviting visitors increases your network

Even if the person you invite doesn't come to a meeting, never mind join the group, it doesn't matter – simply by inviting them you are positioning yourself as a person of influence in the local business community. And you're showing them respect for their position by telling them you'd like to include them in what you do. That's a good foundation for a future business relationship.

2. They might actually join!

We want to grow this group because, as well all know, the more members in a BNI chapter, the more referrals get passed and more referrals means more business for us all.

3. Inviting visitors makes you look good

If other people see that you've brought along a visitor, it increases your credibility within the group. Last week, Steve Wells stood up and accepted the Notable Networker award for bringing along a very creditable number of referrals and visitors in February and he's already made a very good start at earning the same award this month. Standing up here and being awarded for your contribution will inevitably make you more memorable and you'll rise in the estimation of others. That can only mean more business. Conversely, anyone who turns up to meetings without making a contribution can expect results in kind.

4. Inviting visitors will result in more people doing business

You could do worse than invite someone to the meeting who your have identified as a potential customer. It could be a chance for you to meet them outside the sales process and introduce them to some useful contacts that establishes a relationship between you that is more equal and friendly than just buyer meeting seller.  It's also worth remembering that when you bring a visitor who becomes a customer of another member, that member is going to view you very favourably.

5. Inviting visitors keeps us all on our toes

We've seen enough BNI meetings with no visitors to realise that people up their game when there's a new face in the room. When you look around and realise that you know everyone and everyone knows you, there's no stage fright when you stand up and present your 60 seconds. It's all a bit too easy. Introduce one or two visitors to the room and everyone needs to up their game. You never know what might come of that new connection so you know you need to make a good first impression.



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