How to get three months' BNI membership for nothing - without even cheating the system

Get three months' BNI membership for nothing



October 1st 2014

We honestly believe that membership of BNI is fantastic value and many members find that the cost of their annual membership fee can be repaid in a single referral. But there's a way to get even better value for your money and at BNI Reading Oracle we're in a unique position to offer it to you today.

Currently, BNI Reading Oracle is in what we call the "core group" stage. We're building up our membership prior to launch in January. As of today, that's a full three months away. So if you were to successfully apply for membership this afternoon, there will be three months of weekly networking meetings before our first meeting as a fully-fledged BNI chapter.

And this is the unique opportunity, because the first day of your annual membership will be in January, meaning that you can apply this week and you won't be asked for a penny more until January 2016. Up until the new year, you'll be getting all the benefits of BNI membership for three months before your subscription officially begins.


Interested in free networking in Reading for three months?

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Update, November 14th 2014

An important note about subscription fees

Please note that if you join BNI Reading Oracle before Christmas, you will be required to pay your one-off joining fee and annual subscription fee right away to lock out your competitors. However, the first day of your subscription will be post-dated until we launch in the new year, so you will not pay again until 2016.

We're on track for launch in January 2015, but you still have a chance to attend at least five weeks of regular meetings before your subscription begins.