The Importance of Brand Identity Guidelines

Jon Baverstock of Studio 18 tells BNI members about brand identity guidlines

What are brand identity guidelines and do you need them?

At yesterday's meeting, Jon Baverstock of Reading's Branding and Graphic Design agency Studio 18 gave the members of BNI Reading Oracle a crash course in the importance of brand identity guidelines for your business.

Brand identity guidelines are rules for all of your business communications, ensuring your business or product is immediately recognisable to anyone who has seen it. They establish a consistent image that customers will grow to know and trust.

Building a brand isn't just the concern of massive multinational companies.

"No matter what size your business is, it’s never too early to start thinking like a big organisation," says Jon. "Your brand is unique, and it’s what sets you apart from all of your competitors, so protecting its integrity and making sure it always looks exactly how it should is a key responsibility for any business owner."

After a brand consultation with Studio 18, you'll receive a reference manual that specifies the use of colour, fonts and language that can be followed by you, your employees and anyone who publishes anything with your company name on it, such as stationery, marketing materials, signage, labels, packaging, exhibition stands, posters, workwear, advertising and of course anything you do online, including your website, emails and social networking.

Read more about brand guidelines in the latest blog post on the Studio 18 website.


Jon Baverstock, Graphic Designer, Studio 18
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