It's Not All Work, Work, Work...

Delicious cakes and pastries for afternoon teas courtesy of Rosewater Bakery, Pangbourne


BNI Director Janine Lewis promised there would be a party last week, but the cake was a very pleasant surprise.

We come to BNI for a lot of reasons. And make no mistake - while we might meet at lunchtime, we don't come for the lunch. BNI is all about doing business in all of its many facets: making sales, finding trusted service providers, forging partnerships and developing new markets.

But there are fringe benefits, too, and last week they came courtesy of the Rosewater Bakery in Pangbourne.

Of course we would have been delighted to meet proprietor Carrie Hale even if she'd come empty-handed, but luckily for the members and visitors at our meeting on May 7th, she didn't.

The Rosewater Bakery specialises in delivering Afternoon Teas for business meetings or social occasions and their remarkable selection of attractively-presented bite-size cakes and pastries was much appreciated. It was all we could do to take a quick photo before they were reduced to crumbs.

If you come along to one of our meetings, we can't promise there will always be delicious cakes, but we can promise lunch, tea and coffee, and an opportunity to meet some of Reading's top networkers.

And let's be honest, if there are any other caterers or bakers from the Reading area reading this, we'd be especially pleased to meet you. Hint, hint.


Would you like to feed us free cakes meet our members?

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Doubtless, Carrie is far too young to remember, but the title of this page is an oblique reference to this early 90s TV ad for Nat West Bank - enjoy!.