I Don't Get Many Referrals... But I Get Nearly All My New Business From BNI

Roger Hick trying out Speedway with friends, family and colleagues from BNI

Friends, family and colleagues from BNI Jack O'Newbury: Roger Hick; his son Matthew; Simon Taylor of Oracle Storage Systems Ltd; and his son George

One of RHD's clients: West of England Insurance Services – located at Tower Bridge

RHD handled this complete refit of offices, furniture and reception at West of England Insurance Services

Roger Hick, a longstanding member of BNI Jack O'Newbury surprised a few people when he visited BNI Reading Oracle for one of our weekly business networking meetings and admitted that he doesn't get many referrals from his chapter of BNI. And yet he's been a member for eight years. So we asked: what keeps you coming back...?

Thank you for making me so welcome at the Reading Oracle BNI - a great mix of people and I have no doubt this will become a very strong group in the very near future.

Roger Hick, RHD Office Ltd I have been a member of BNI for about eight years now and have learned that the benefits of membership stretch a long way out of room.  I think that is what is unique and powerful about BNI, is that the week on week interaction builds strong relationships with well-connected people across a large geographical area.  I don’t see attending meetings as a hindrance to my day to day work, it is part of it – If someone wants to see me on a BNI day I simply tell them I am in a meeting until 08:45 and can see them afterwards, I treat it exactly as any other business meeting.

RHD is an office interior fit-out specialist, creating working environments that help businesses work better.My business has gained massively from membership to the point that outside of repeat work nearly all of my new business is coming from connections that I can trace back to someone in (or I have met through) BNI.

Being able to land large contracts from my membership allows me to give a lot of business back, I have found that BNI is a great resource for me, from contractors to business professionals.  

As a rule of the thumb BNI is self-filtering. People have to be vetted before becoming a member and also those who have been members for any period are generally trustworthy and competent (those who aren’t tend to leave) – our online resource ‘BNI Connect’ is the first place I look for new contractors.

Of course the social events and friendships only add to the enjoyment – last year a few of us even decided to give Speedway a try, the more sensible members chose quiz nights and curries!

I am really pleased to see such a vibrant new chapter starting in Reading.

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