BNI Reading Oracle August 2012 Results

Like any good business, at BNI Reading Oracle we set targets and measure our progress towards achieving those targets.

It's our pleasure tro announce the number of referrals passed between BNI Reading Oracle members.

Our members currently pass an average of 77 business referrals per month.

In the last six months we've passed a total of 464 referrals.

Since the chapter began in December 2012, we have passed 1,457 referrals.

In the last four meetings, members invoiced business generated from referrals worth £17,096.

Our all-time running total of business passed from referrals at BNI Reading Oracle is £571,341.72

In the last four meetings we had six visitors.

We are currently looking for members to join from the following business categories:




Vehicle Hire

Personal Trainer