BNI Reading Oracle Results: November 2012

It is our pleasure to present the number of referrals exchanged within our Chapter.

(1)      Our monthly average for the last six months is 59  referrals a month.

(2)     In our last four meetings we passed 62  referrals.    

(3)     In the last six months, since May, we have passed a total of 352 referrals.

(4)    Since December 2010 we have passed 1,643 referrals.

(5)    From the Thank You for the Business Box the total value of business transacted by members of this Chapter in the last four meetings was £27,145.96

(6)     Our all-time running total is £640,717.30

(7)    In our last four meetings we had 9 visitors. Remember, every visitor represents a potential new customer for our members, so please keep them coming.

And that being said, our current top vacant categories are:-
Events Manager
Estate Agent