BNI Reading Oracle
October 2012 Results

Like any good business, at BNI Reading Oracle we set targets and measure our progress towards achieving those targets.

It's our pleasure to announce the number of referrals passed between BNI Reading Oracle members.

Our members currently pass an average of 65 business referrals per month.

In the last six months we've passed a total of 395 referrals.

Since the chapter began we have passed 1,581 referrals.

In the last four meetings, members invoiced business generated from referrals worth £7,450.14.

Since we launched in December 2010, 1,581 referrals have been passed at our weekly business networking meetings in Reading and those referrals have resulted in more than £613,000 of business for our members.


Would you like to get a share of that business? We're looking for an architect, a mortgage broker, a printer, an events manager and an estate agent to refer business to. If you're in business in Reading or the surrounding area - particularly if you're in one of those business categories - we'd like to invite you to a Business Accelerator Event on Wednesday November 28th 2012. To find out more, please see the booking form.