Sales Pipeline Puzzle
from Business Fit Club


Mary Carter is a Berkshire-based business consultant who uses a combination of workshops and one-to-one training to help business owners and managers to achieve their goals. Business Fit Club "members" improve their business knowledge through training and crucially get help to implement what they have learned.

In her ten minute presentation last week, Mary Carter from Business Fit Club gave us all some valuable advice on managing the "sales pipeline" - and we had to solve a little puzzle.

Every week at BNI Reading Oracle, one member is given the chance to speak for ten minutes about their business to help educate visitors and members about what they do and the kind of referrals they're looking for in the coming weeks.

It's also an opportunity for that member to demonstrate his or her experience and expertise with a depth that the regular weekly 60 second presentation really doesn't permit.

Mary achieved that in a fun and interactive way by giving us a little puzzle to solve.


Sales Pipeline Puzzle by Business Fit Club

To show us how she helps companies manage their "sales pipeline", Mary handed out sets of laminated cards each containing one of nine phrases...

Evaluate Risk Resolve Issues Agree Terms
Research and Fine Tune the Need Decide on the Criteria Recognise There is a Need
Choose Solution Not Yet Aware of Need Consider and Approach Possible Suppliers

Our challenge was to put these puzzle pieces into the right order and in so doing, Mary helped us all to think about how we manage our customers through each of those nine steps.

Most of us had to admit that we sometimes fail to do everything we can to help customers "move through the pipeline".

Want to Know the Solution?
Just Ask Mary

To find out how the puzzle pieces should fit together, just contact Mary. Or come along to one of our weekly business networking meetings and introduce yourself.

Anyone who attends one of our meetings can speak to all the members for one minute. There's no need to be a member and visitors are very welcome. So, if you'd like to join us and talk about your business, come along to lunch at the Strada.

For details, drop us a line.