Salute to the Subs

L-R Subtitutes Daniel Hart, Amanda Fielding and Paul Forrest

L-R Subtitutes Daniel Hart, Amanda Fielding and Paul Forrest

As a BNI member, you can't be expected to attend meetings every single week, so it's very important to have a substitute you can rely on.

You might be forgiven for expecting business networking meetings to be quiet over the Easter holiday season, but far from it - with some members taking a holiday, that means lots of new faces coming through the doors, because all of our members commit to sending a substitute to any meeting they cannot attend in person.

Leighton's Sub is in the House

Recently, Daniel Hart from Jelf Insurance came along to stand in for his colleague, Leighton Bull. While Leighton specialises in commercial insurance, Dan looks after private clients and he is seeking introductions to clients who would like to save money on insuring home contents worth in excess of £75,000 and especially ther owners of valuable cars.

Mittch's Sub is Just the Job

Amanda Fielding of AJ HR Solutions kindly stood in for Mittch from Big Yellow Self-Storage and told us about her business, supplying HR solutions for small buinesses with up to 50 employees. Amanda explained that, because of the close relationship she has with her clients, she is sometimes even able to recruit new employees and recently helped one business by recruiting two new members of staff, saving the company £19,000 in agency fees.

Simon's in Good Hands

Paul Forrest of EPH (Extra Pair of Hands) is also in the outsourcing business, as his company name suggests. While standing in for Simon Porter, he told us how EPH helps clients with a huge range of administrative and customer relationship management tasks, from producing Excel spreadsheets through to handling complex customer enquiries by telephone.

Want to Sub For Us?

As a sub, you get a "free" lunch just for standing up for 60 seconds and reading out a presentation prepared by one of our members. And if your business category isn't represented by one of our members, you get a chance to deliver your own 60 seconds presentation and of course take part in business networking before and after the meeting.

We love our subs at BNI Reading Oracle because they allow us to network with our colleagues even when we can't be in the room. It's not the same as being there in person, but on the other hand, it's always great to see new faces, because every new person who walks through the door represents a potential new business partner, supplier or customer for our members.

If you'd like to sub for one of our members - and perhaps meet some more of our esteemed substitutes - come along to a meeting and introduce yourself. We'd be delighted to welcome you.



Would you like to sub for one of our members?

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