Thanks to Our Visitors

Thanks to our visitors - BNI Reading Oracle, Autumn 2014


Visitors are the life blood of an organisation like ours and they help create a buzz in the room that leaves us feeling enthusiastic and energetic about doing business in Reading.

We always like to say thanks to everyone who visits BNI Reading Oracle so here, in alphabetical order, are a few of the fine people who have come through the doors of Loch Fyne in the last few weeks.

All of these people have two things in common: they are based locally and they want to grow their business. That'w hy week after week people are coming to visit BNI Reading Oracle, Berkshire's only weekly lunchtime networking group. Our meeting fee is just £10, so what's stopping you? If you think you're eligible, please get in touch and come along next Wednesday.



David Allen
Stationery, Reading
07870 721271


Leonard Barker
Marketing, Reading
My Ting
0845 8674990

My Ting

Peter Charalambos
Marketing Consultant
iMarkets Group
01628 635515


George Colson
Protection Advisor
Miller Mercer Colson
01488 648695

Miller Mercer

Cathy Davis
Print Management Consultant
ITQ: Image Through Quality
01635 874848


Claire Jeffs
Baking Classes
Claire Elizabeth Cakes

Claire Elizabeth Cakes

Sharon Klue
HR Consultant
KAPital HR
0844 3342406

Kapital HR

Laura McCarthy
Mortgage and Protection Adviser
Heron Financial
0203 195 1982

Heron Financial

Jen Patch
Managed Services
0843 289 5530


Sian Perham
HR Services
Sian Perham Consultancy Ltd
01256 855035

Sian Perham

Carolyne Wahlen
HR Consultancy
01491 699 550

Gap HR

Clive Winterton
Close-Up Magician
0118 9342468

Clive Winterton

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