A typical business networking meeting at BNI Reading Oracle....

Every week, members and visitors have a chance to get up and speak for 60 seconds to educate the rest of the group about their business to help them go out and find referrals during the coming week.

These one minute presentations are the core of each meeting – it’s an opportunity for everyone present to take the floor but moreover it’s a chance for us to help our fellow members to find ways of brings us new business opportunities.

Reliable Solicitor

Clare FranklinReading solicitor Clare Franklin from Dexter Montague LLP (“the acceptable face of soliciting on the Oxford Road”) talked about the reliability and continuity of service her company provides and asked to speak to anyone who has had a bad experience with a solicitor failing to stick to their quoted prices.

Manage Your Time

Mary Carter of Business Fit Club gave us some tips for better time management, such as setting a time limit for all your tasks each day, leaving 30% free in your diary every day to cope with contingencies and applying the “4 Ds” to each of your daily tasks: do it, delegate it, dump it or diarise it.

Taxing the Taxman

James Morris from Tymar Accountancy Services in London Street, Reading told us about a client who received a £900 tax refund this week because James had spotted an error by HMRC.


Looking for Work?

Pangbourne-based florists Green Parlour are recruiting and Paul Sampson put out a call for anyone who might know a florist looking for work.

Givers Gain in Slough

BNI Berkshire director Nick Forgham spoke to ask for help recruiting new members to the newest BNI chapter in Slough, which currently has 14 members and is planning to launch officially by christmas.

Chelsea Connection?

Builder Gary Martin from Sparkright Building Services is looking for developers or private individuals building new houses and would particularly like to build one for John Terry – or failing that, “anyone”!

Russell Adlem

Had Enough of the Scuff?

Russ Adlem of Caversham Coachworks would like to talk to companies with fleets of lease cars. Typically, when cars go off-lease, the leasing company will charge anything up to £500 for small repairs. But Caversham Coachworks can get rid of small scuffs and scratches for £75 - £150 and have your car back to you within the day. So, “if you’ve had enough of the scuff” speak to Russ.

Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Do you have access to accurate debtor, creditor and profit and loss reports for your business at any time? If not, have you considered outsourcing your bookkeeping? Tracy Lewis from TLC Bookkeeping would like to talk to you about the benefits.

Brand Guidelines

Jon Baverstock from Studio 18 talked about how a “brand guidelines” document has helped one of his clients to get better results from their printed materials by ensuring they always get the right shade of orange. Jon would like to talk to businesses whose printed materials seem to look a little different every time.

A Bank You Can Talk To

Martin BarrettMartin Barrett from St. James's Place Wealth Management has been working with Microsoft employees who have been getting very disappointing service from their advisers at HSBC. He’d like to speak to young, professional people about introducing them to a bank where they can be assured of a long-term relationship with an individual who knows them.

Sell Your House Fast For Cash

Kevin Cope from Koru Property Solutions wants to be introduced to self-employed people who are looking to relocate and are having trouble getting a mortgage. He may be able to buy their house for cash at the full market value.

Cleaning Trade Secrets

Lynn Gunston from Equazion Cleaning Services talked about some of her trade secrets, including how to get rid of the cobwebs behind radiators.

Happy Secretaries at DMP

Phil Johnson proudly told us that Archway Printing Solutions has been helping Dexter Montague LLP by installing new photocopiers which have reduced downtime to nil and have made the solicitors’ secretaries very happy

Did You Know...?

Ken GunstonKen Gunston from Equazion Limited would like to meet companies with retail premises anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Reading to talk about how air conditioning systems can be a cost-effective solution for heating in winter, not just cooling in summer.



Would you like a chance to tell local business people in Reading about who you are and what you do?

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