We're all of a Twitter

BNI Reading Oracle Business Networking on Twitter You can follow what's happening at BNI Reading Oracle - and get news of forthcoming events - by following @BNI_Oracle_Rdg on Twitter.

Twitter's nothing new for us at BNI - we've been tweeting news and updates on our chapter for a couple of years (a total of 465 Tweets already so far) - in fact, we were Tweeting even before social media marketing consultant Paul Allen of Paul Allen Media joined our hallowed ranks - and of course since then many of our members have joined Twitter and started exploiting the opportunities it offers to do business socially.

As well as following BNI Reading Oracle, you can follow the combined Tweets of all the individual BNI Reading Oracle members at:


Here's a list of Reading Twitterers (or is that Tweeters? or Tweeps?) we recommend you follow if you do business in Reading, Berkshire:

Amanda Aldred @MandaAldred
Paul Allen @paulallenmedia
Claire Baggott @brownboxphotos
Jon Baverstock @JonBaverstock
Mary Carter @BFC_MCarter
Laura de la Harpe @arbonneberks
Jon Ewing @siteadvice
Clare Franklin @Claref24
Green Parlour @Green_Parlour
Tracy Lewis @tlcbookkeeping
Samuel James Properties @SamuelJames1991


If you'd like to see your name on this list, it's easy - Tweet us @BNI_Oracle_Rdg and come along to a meeting.