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Reading Bicycle Kitchen


Last week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Dave Sage, the man responsible for the surprising re-opening of the doors of Jackson's Department store in Reading earlier this summer.

Dave recently spent several months recovering from a spinal injury after he was knocked off his bicycle by a motorist. But rather than just lick his wounds, Dave used the time to mastermind plans for a very ambitious community project. He was unable to use a computer or a laptop, but he could use a mobile 'phone, so we have smart phone technology to thank for the opening of Reading Bicycle Kitchen, which has taken over the ground floor of the store.

Members of the public can take their bicycles to Reading Bicycle Kitchen to get them fixed cheaply - sometimes as much as 90% cheaper than High Street competitors. And volunteers are being trained to repair, maintain and rebuild their bicycles themselves.

Dave - a full-time teacher in Bracknell, who helps to run the Bicycle Kitchen on evenings, weekends and holidays - came to BNI Reading Oracle because he's looking for other not-for-profit organisations - particularly if they involve retail - who might be interested in sub-letting some of the prime vacant space in the iconic town centre department store.

So if you know someone running a charity or cooperative that could benefit from this fantastic opportunity, ask them to contact Dave via the Reading Bicycle Kitchen website.

Dave Sage
Web readingbicyclekitchen.org
Twitter @ReadingBK


Cash For Customers

James Withey came to tell us about Lyoness, a customer loyalty programme with a couple of differences. First, they give cash, not points. And second, along with the major High Street brands, they also involve small businesses in their loyalty scheme. James in interested in meeting small business owners and marketing managers who would like to offer a loyalty programme to their customers.

James Withey
Email jwglobal.local@gmail.com
Tel. 0745 597 3440
Web lyoness.net/gb/


For More Customers Call Danny

Danny Walls came to tell BNI about Frontline Telemarketing. A new business, based at Fountain House in Reading town centre, Frontline offers a lead generation service to small and large businesses. A single telemarketing consultant at Frontline can make about 70 per day and all of those calls are recorded, so Frontline's customers can be assured of complete accountability, because at any time they can log on to the company's website anmd listen to any or all of the calls made on their behalf. Danny is looking to talk to business owners and sales directors who want a steady flow of new business meetings with potential customers.

Danny Walls
Frontline Telemarketing
Email danny@frontlinetelemarketing.co.uk
Tel. 0118 3757766
Web frontlinetelemarketing.co.uk


Tech on Thames

ABRS is a specialist IT recruitment firm in Henley founded by recruitment whiz kid Andrew Bailey (the "AB" of ABRS) in 1999. The company has been going from strength to strength and so we were delighted to have a visit from consultant Rowan Lisi and his colleague from business development, Raj Sharma. They are out and about around the Thames Valley, getting to know local IT-based businesses as well as companies with IT departments, whether or not they have a current vacancy, so that they can find the best possible candidates when a position becomes available.

Rowan Lisi
Email Rowan@abrs.com
Tel. 07990767466
Web abrs.com
Twitter: @rowan_abrs


Want Explosive Sales? You Need a Mission to Marce

"We solve the recession" is the bold boast of Marce Colucci at Lead Beyond in Three Mile Cross, Reading. He told our members how his clients experience "explosive growth" after he helps them to plan their marketing strategy. There are at least 13 different types of marketing, he explained, but if you don't do the right ones in the right order, you could be throwing your money away. Talk to Marce if you want to know which marketing channels are the right ones for you.

Marce Colucci
Email marce@leadbeyond.co.uk
Tel. 0118 988 8806
Web leadbeyond.co.uk
Twitter @MarketingMarce


Need Funding to Accelerate Your Business Growth?

At BNI Reading Oracle, we're always keen to meet people whose business is growth, because growing businesses is what BNI is all about. A Fund Manager at the FSE Group, Cheryl helps businesses to get unsecured government loans of between £25,000 and £250,000. She's looking to meet business owners who want to grow rapidly but have struggled to get funding from banks and other methods.

Cheryl Weeks
Email cheryl.weeks@thefsegroup.com
Tel. 01276 607303
Web thefsegroup.com

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