Who's the Daddy?

Every week we give a prize for the best 60 second presentation to credit someone who has made a special effort to make the most of their one minute of fame.

WHo's the Daddy? This week: Russ Adlem of Caversham Coachworks receives the award

Left, Russ Adlem from Caversham Coachworks, presented with his award by James Morris of Reading accountants Tymar Associates.

Last week, Russ Adlem of Caversham Coachworks was our winner. He cheekily rubbed his hands together with feigned glee during his 60 seconds as he reminded us that "winter is coming" - high season for car repairs - but, far from taking advantage of drivers, he promised that Caversham Coachworks will give a free winter check to motorists to make sure their vehicles are ready for the coming harsh conditions.

Since we started our Reading business networking group BNI Reading Oracle in 2010, we've celebrated this moment with a cheesy "gold" medal and the tradition continues to this day, although we recently had to replace the medal with a new one after it began to show signs of old age.

It's a bit of fun, but there's a serious side to it.

Your 60 second presentation is a chance to:

  • get everyone's attention
  • educate people about you and your business
  • demonstrate your expertise
  • ask for specific referrals

In a nutshell, it's your one chance every week to establish your credibility and do or say something memorable.

With a room full of people each taking the spotlight for one minute at a time, it's important that your 60 second presentation should be interesting. It's a good idea to be topical or even funny and most people use about half of their allotted time to tell a quick anecdote about something they've been doing that week as well as requesting a referral for the next meeting.

Anyone who attends one of our meetings can speak to all the members for one minute. There's no need to be a member and visitors are very welcome. So, if you'd like to join us and talk about your business, come along to lunch at the Strada.

For details, drop us a line.